Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Scott Woodruff

Scott Woodruff was born September 13,1971 and passed away December 15, 2021.  He was a kind loving man. He loved his family and friends with all his heart and was a firm believer that "family helped family".

Scott worked at Sea World Orlando for more than 20 years. He loved sharing his park tickets and showing friends around the park.  Scott also loved to fish it didn’t matter if it was in a small pond or out on the ocean.

Scott and I reconnected in 2004. Our families have known each other since Scott was 3 and I was 5. I never expected to meet such a loving caring compassionate faithful man, but I am thankful I did and it was Scott.

Scott had several medical conditions, when we first reconnected he told me of his rheumatoid arthritis and how it he was in pain all the time. Even though he was in pain everyday it never stopped Scott from getting up and going to work everyday. In 2018 Scott had a massive heart attack. This changed our lives as we knew it.

We were married in the hospital and I was by his side all the way. Scott hated being in the hospital because it was never a quick stay.. but he found a way to laugh and make others laugh as well and it usually involved scaring a nurse or even a Dr. This was something he continued at home with the nurses as well. It was what he loved to do most.

Scott has gone on to a better place where he no longer suffers from his arthritis, heart condition or infections. Although he left us way too soon, we have a life time of memories to share.

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