Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Brent Ashton Young

B R E N T  Y O U N G  08.20.1983 - 09.25.2020


 Brent Ashton Young, 37 of Apopka FL, passed away September 25, 2020 in his home.  Brent was born on August 20, 1983 in Orlando to Robert Young and Marlene Rice-Olson.  He attended Forest Lake Academy and continued his education at Rollins College, graduating with a BA in International Business.  Following college, Brent worked in Information Technology for a Fortune 500 company and owned his own remodeling company, Bay Remodeling LLC.

Raised in central Florida, Brent’s early years were spent skateboarding, dirt biking, surfing, and exploring the beaches and springs throughout the state, often with his siblings and cousins by his side. His fiancé Sabrina Rios also shared his love for travel, and they often spent time together in their garden and at the beach. He loved spending time with family and friends and was a captivating story-teller. Equipped with a truly unique sense of humor, he brought endless laughter and smiles to those around him.

He also had a passion for music and was a gifted bassist. Along with his life-long best friend, Travis Smith, he helped form the band Trivium in 2000, and later went on to form BlackNova in 2017.

 Brent was preceded in death by his grandfathers Robert Young, LeRoy Rice; his uncle Greg Rice; step father Leland Olson, and cousin Andrea Walker. He is survived by his grandmothers Phyllis Young, Hazel Rice, his fiancé Sabrina Rios, his father Robert Young (Brooke), his mother Marlene Rice-Olson, his brothers Brandon (Rebecca) and Zach Young (Heather), half-sisters Sarina and Samantha Young, aunt and uncle George and Maureen Grimmett, aunt and uncle Jon and Linda Walker, and cousins Trenton, Ashleigh, Tim, Troy, Ryan, and Sophia, nieces and nephews Kayla, Tyler, Isabell and Harlen.

   A funeral service will be held at Whole Life Church at 2:00 pm, Tuesday October 6th, 2020, located at 2800 N Orange Ave., Orlando, FL. with Pastor Scott Moore officiating.

The service will be live streamed at 2pm via: 


Unknown said...

I knew Brent for many years while we both worked for AdventHealth. His irreverent humor and joy were a source of inspiration and laughter to me when I needed it the most. When life and work became too much to bear Brent was always there to support and buoy my spirits. There were many days and weeks when his friendship made trudging to work and dealing with the hardships of my labors easier. He made going to the office worthwhile. When he left AdventHealth I missed him then and now that he is gone that missing is even more poignant. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. May the passage of time heal and bind up your wounded hearts and may you gain acceptance and comfort with time.

John Keeler
Altamonte Springs, FL

Laura Mason said...

I met Brent almost 2 years ago when I interviewed him for his position at Huron. I knew immediately I needed him on my team. Over the last week I have listened to our team talk about Brent, the memories and laughter that we shared and I couldn't be more proud of the Family we have built. As life continues to change all around us, we learn that being a family means more than sharing a last name or family tree. Family are the people who are there for each other through good times and when things get rough. Family is people who listen without judgement who always want the best for each other and who love beyond mistakes and care beyond distance. Family is the people who seek each other out when few others understand, who are always the first in our thoughts and the last we would ever want to disappoint. Family are the people we cannot do without. We realize just how much these people mean in our lives. Brent was out Brother. For some of us who knew him years and those that knew him only a few short months, he was our Brother, our Friend, the guy who naturally brightened our days with his witty humor, contagious chuckle and never ending memes. The conversation we could talk about, the laughter so intense we would cry, the memories that we will forever cherish, his musical talents and so much more will be the things that we carry with us. We were blessed to be Brent's family and he will forever be ours.

Kellin said...

I think it's fair to say that I grew up with Brent. I lived next door to Travis, which left it always us doing something together. I recall some really great beach trips and late night memories being kids. Brent played a key role in my memories when things were so much easier. At times it was me Travis and Brent, then sometimes I recall it was just Brent and I. Going to the Sanford Flea Market or doing something with my crazy mom at the time. I can say that Brent brought life to anyone being around him. Laughter, goofy faces, calm conversation and just good times hanging out. I stayed in touch with Brent very seldom but we still connected as of recently over the last few years and had talked about us all getting together and catching up. I didn't know Brent very well growing up through our 20's into 30's but I can clearly see that I was missing out on having an amazing person in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and those around him.

Kellin said...

Lots of love for you brother.. you will be missed and we shall all be hanging out again laughing at silly stuff reminiscing on old times.

Unknown said...

Brent was a great person and friend. He always found a way to make you laugh and build others up. He brought energy and joy to every room he stepped in. He made the hard days easier and good days even better. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He will be missed.

Mark Peterson
Oviedo, FL

Adam and Breann said...

Marlene, Brandon, Zach. We are so sorry for the loss of Brent. We were blessed to meet him several times over the years, and he truly was a bright light to be around. We want you to know that we are praying for all of you, and love you.