Friday, July 30, 2010

Angelina Gonzalez-Acevedo

Angelina Gonzalez-Acevedo, age 89 of Orlando passed away with her family by her side on on Friday, July 30, 2010. Angelina was born in Castaner, Puerto Rico, the daughter of the late Lalo and Bruna Perez. She was a homemaker and devoted to her family. Angelina leaves to cherish her memory, 14 children, Herman Gonzalez, Osvaldo Gonzalez, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, Ildefonzo Gonzalez, Arnaldo Luis Gonzalez, Wilson Gonzalez, Esther Gonzalez, Zulma Gonzalez, Marilyn Gonzalez, Doris Marrero, Maribel McNutt, Carmen Arias, Iliana Luyo, Nancy Napolitano; grandchildren, Antonio Gonzalez, Angelina Gonzalez, Carmen Kaye, Krystal Gonzalez, Kristina Gonzalez, Eddie Gonzalez, Tanya Vasak, Jose Miguel Gonzalez, Ildefonzo Gonzalez Jr., Angel Anel Gonzalez, Emma Linette Gonzalez, Melissa Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez, Jeanine Rengifo, Richard Luyo, Joshua Luyo, Adam Arias, Sammy Seiler, Willie Gonzalez, Elvis Gonzalez, Nelson Gonzalez, Raymond Nicole, Cesar Nicole III, Linda Langdon, Raul Marrero, Ramon Marrero, Iliana Gonzalez, Alfonso Gonzalez, Milagros Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez, Kimberly Ortiz, Luis Santos, Ranynaldo Quinones, Yvett Vargos, Fernando Pagan and a host of great-grandchildren, relatives and friends. The family will be receiving friends on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM in the Henry Chapel at First Baptist Church of Orlando located at 3000 S. John Young Parkway, Orlando. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 10:00 AM in the Henry Chapel. Interment will follow the service at Winter Garden Cemetery.


Joshua Luyo said...

Hi Pita!! I hope you are well and are safe in the presence of God. You forever be remembered and in our thoughts.

-Joshua, son of Iliana Luyo.

Anonymous said...

Bendicion mami! I will miss you dearly. I came to know Angelina when I started to work at the Aventist Care-Courtland Nursing home in July of 1998. As I was going to punch in, Angelina grabbed my arm and told me that I look like one of her daughters, small and skinny with a beautiful smile. While she held my hand, she said where is my 'bendicion, did you forget? I said no mami and ask for her blessings. Since then where ever she was, Iwould ask for my bendicion. If I passed her room and didn't stop by to see her,
she would yell 'hey, hey' and I come back. She would tell me whats your hurry, my room is here and you just pass it. Other times when I would bend over to ask for her bendicion and give her a kiss, she would notice that my sweater was too low cut and would tell me, go in my room and put on my sweater....I would always joke with her when she didn't want to eat and I would tell her eat your breakfast and I'll show you how I dance pachanga. I would get such a laughter from her and she would pull me to her and tell me, I don't dance pachanga....

Ricky L. said...

Hello my beautiful Pita! I miss you so much already. It seemed like just yesterday I had seen you laughing and smiling and telling me that my hair was crazy spikey and that I should just comb it down. lol. You always made me smile like no one else could and I will never forget how sweet you were regardless of our flaws and mistakes. Thank you for giving me such a great mother and family that I will cherish forever and continue to make memories because of your love and strength. I know that you are in a better place looking down on us with God's love. I love you.. We ALL love and miss you.

Forever & Always,

Richard B. Luyo Jr & Family

Anonymous said...

My daughter never got the chance to meet you but I will always talk to her about you.I will tell her all the wonderful memories I have of you and what an amazing grandmother u were.Someday I hope to be as great to her children as you were to me.I know you are in a better place and that I will see you again until then you are our angel watching upon us all. You will never be forgotten you will always be in my heart.
Love you forever
your grandaughter Linda

Ray Nicole said...

You really were "one of a kind" You were a virtous God fearing woman, that instiled in our family what it is to have a relationship with God. You spent countless hours, days, months, years praying for your entire family. You are the true definition of a MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, and a friend. I will always remember you and always cherish you in my heart. Thank you for being strong for so long and teaching us what "LOVE" is all about. I Love you Abuela!

-Ray, son of Maribel

Anonymous said...

Where do I start! First of all thank you for giving life to your crazy kids. Without them abuela none of us would be here. I love you and I miss you but your in a better place now. I remember the countless times that you would make me laugh and that will never b erased from my life. Also you have a few daughters that are just like you! So you will always be around us somehow someway! Gracias por ser mi abuela siempre me distes consejos y aunque no Los haya cogido en el momento, eventually I did listen!! Thank you and I love you for being there! Hey tell them up there who's the boss now! Move over cuz the new queen
Angelina has arrived!! Stay strong familia!!!
Love your grandson Luis Santos(Luisito).

Tanya Vasak said...

You were a woman of simplicity. A sweet face never blemished by make-up, beautiful long hair always in a braid or bun and a loving genuine smile on your face each time I came to greet you with a besito. Your love and strength is something that I can only hope to carry on to my family as you did to yours. I thank you for letting me share your last breath. You are at peace now. Heaven became a better place as did our world as we now have the greatest Angel to look over us. I love you and will keep you with me always.
Tanya Gonzalez-Vasak
(daughter of Jose Antonio Gonzalez)

Anonymous said...

Words cannot express what you meant to this family. You were and will continue to be the cornerstone of the family. I must thank you for always praying for me and my brothers, even if we didn't realize it we definetly needed it.
I will miss the one question you always asked me everytime you saw me, "cuando te casas?" Lol. I can't promise you that I will but if I do you will be the first to know. :)
Que descanse en paz, you are definetly in a better place.

Willie (hijo de Wilson)

Maribel McNutt said...

Mom I miss you so much!!! But I know you are enjoying being with your Lord.No more pain, tears or limitations. I'll miss your kisses and hugs and that you were the only one that called me "Bel" .Your love was pure and unconditional and one I could always count on.All of your life you thought about your kids first and although we were grown you always treated us like your babies and for that I thank you.I will always have you near my heart and there's a piece of my heart missing until I see you again. What a privilege it was to be called your daughter and what a comfort to know you're safe in your beloved arms along with my daddy. Until I see you again mamita.Te amo tanto.
Tu hija.Maribel

Utica, NY said...

Sentimos mucho la pérdida de su querida mamà y pedimos a Dios que consuele a toda la familia y recuerden que està en un mejor lugar...Dios les bendiga...

Damaris & Amaryllis
Utica, NY

Haidy Arias said...

Hola Pita Mia... We truly miss you. Its very sad to know you are gone, but at the same time joy to know you are in a better Place with no more pain or sickness. So enjoy your new life of no more pain, no more sickness and have fun with all your other friend and family you have not seen in a long time, that we will see you once again.
Te Quiero Mucho Pita
Haidy Arias (Adam Arias Wife)

Nancy said...

Hi my beautiful ANGEL!!!! Oh how i miss you!!! and I dont know how I am going to function without you!!!but I know you are in a better place!!!thank you for all your love!!!! I will cherish all our memories together, specially the one when I would get to the nursing home and you were so happy to see me and you would clap like a little girl......Mama I will never forget you and you are in my heart for ever!!!!!!!!Love You Very Much!!! MISS YOU forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Angelina! I know you are in a better place but it still does not make missing your beautiful smile any less. I have had the pleasure of becoming apart of such a wonderful family that has truely welcomed me with open arms. It has been a blessing to have become really good friends with your daughter Nancy. Thru her I have shared some memorable times with you. You will be truely missed but God has a priceless angel with Him. Our lives have been blessed by having you part of it. I hope one day I can be as great of a mom to my children as you were to yours. I love you mama!!! Love Melissa Wheeler your other daughter

Unknown said...

I thank God that I had a praying grandmother. I remember passing by her room and she would be praying for all of us. Thank you for that grandma you will be greatly missed. I wished I had seen you before you left us but I know that one day we will all meet again. Love you
Yvette Vargas Daughter of Zulma Gonzalez

Raúl Marrero said...

Abuela, You will be missed but never forgotten. God blessed us all by allowing us to have a grandma as special as you were . God has gained a beautiful Angel .

Love you,