Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daniel Richard

Dad's Eulogy ~ August 31, 2010

"Life is about change, sometimes it's painful,

sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time, it's both."

This is the eulogy of Daniel Richard, Sr. he lived a very full and adventurous life from June 19, 1961 - August 22, 2010. We have a few points that our dad taught us to help us get through life. No matter how bad or how good the situation was he was always there for us to help us pull through, and give us the advice we needed for the situation, and when we needed someone to listen he had a great listening ear. He always said when one of us was going through a hard time, "life is nothing but a storm, and this too shall pass." We could come to our dad and know we were never judged about anything we did whether it was bad or good.

Dad was a very hard worker. He served a few years in the military. He loved his country and was very proud of his country. He did charity work. However, his true love and passion for work was carpet cleaning and mold. He saved many lives from toxic mold. He was a very successful businessman in this industry.

Our father was a great cook. He loved to cook because it made others happy; and when others were happy he was true. He never turned anyone away whether they were rich or poor. Dad was a loving and caring person. Always proud of his children and brothers. One thing our dad always taught us was to never back down or walk away from any situation. He was a very fun and adventurous person and we all have created a lot of fond memories with him. Our dad had a passion for music. He played an excellent guitar and was in a band for many years. He had a great sense of humor, as well as a great provider for his family. He taught his friends and family to always be the better man in life. When each one of his kids grew up and started to choose our own paths, and make our own decisions which weren't always the best choices, dad was there to guide us and assist us back to sobriety, and to the right way of life. He had a love for all kinds of animals. His dog Lucky was his best friend. Mater of fact, the saying "a dog is a man's best friend" was very true in his life. His last saying that has stock with each one of us was "Live one day at a time, because you are never promised tomorrow!"

Dad, you will be remembered by many.

We love and miss you! Rest In Peace, Daddy

August 22, 2010


Anonymous said...


I miss you dearly everyday of my life and so does your beloved son Pat, Pat. You will always be my beloved husband forever and always.

I love you


Anonymous said...

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