Monday, June 29, 2020

Maria Roldan

Maria Roldan, age 91, of Orlando, FL passed away Saturday, June 27th, 2020 at Palm Gardens of Orlando.  She was born in St. Lawrence, Puerto Rico,  the daughter of the late Ramona (Contreas)  and Carmello  Gonzalez and worked as a cafeteria attendant in a university.  

Maria leaves to cherish her memory, husband Cirilo Roldan of Orlando; four daughters, Margaret Roldan, Teresa Stefanidis, Judy Rosa all of New York, Helen Carrero of Jacksonville; four sons Pedro Roldan of Orlando, William Roldan of New York, George Roldan, of Washington State,  Ernesto Gonalez of New York; 12 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.  

The family will be receiving friends  from 6:00 until 8:00 pm on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 at Dobbs Funeral Home.  The Funeral Mass will be held at 10:00 am on Friday, July 3rd, 2020 at St. Andrew Catholic Church with Father Leo Hodges officiating.  Interment will be at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida  on Monday, July 6, 2020 at 1:00 pm.


Judy Rosa said...

My mom, or Mayín as some of her friends and most of her family knew her, had an amazing work ethic. Up before dawn to work at a job she enjoyed until she retired at Rockefeller Univeristy in NYC. Her co-workers and the thousands of medical students she served had great affection and respect for her. She loved to crochet which she was *expert* at, and it was one of many side gigs she took on while saving up for their first house. She had an unshakeable faith in God and was a devout Catholic as well as a devoted usher at St. Andrews Church where she and my father made many friends and enjoyed supporting in service to their community. She was crazy about her grandchildren and proud of her children. She particularly enjoyed caring for their fiercely loyal Daschund, Charlie. Her strong character and examples of compassion are a legacy that is woven in the fabric of our family. She and my father would have celebrated 72 years of marraige next month. I may have left some highlights of her 92 years out. Please remember her in your prayers and add your fond memories here in tribute.💙

Willie Roldan said...

Mom helped me get started at the Rockefeller University in February 1976, that's 44 years ago!! She would always say, when I was feeling tired, that just showing up for work is 90 percent of winning the battle to succeed in life. All these years later, I encourage others to follow this golden advice - you cannot buy this precious guidance. Mom's dedication to her faith in God inspired me to study in a Francisan Seminary and the Franciscan way of living and believing is still central in my outlook today. Mom believed in a beautiful, simplistic way of looking at things. Nothing was going to get in her way, owning and sharing several homes along the way, she always provided for her family and said that she was thankful to God for her 7 children. This carried over to her grandchildren and for this beautiful legacy I am always grateful. Love you mom.

Eneida Roldan Stefanidis said...

Mom, Maria... "The most beautiful sound I ever heard" was the song from West Side Story that will always bring me back to the memories I have of my mother/best friend.
Mom was an incredible woman. Not only did she and my dad raise 7 children, but also took care and/or raised others as well. My cousin, Papo (Ernesto), is also my brother. Mom came from humble beginnings growing up in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.
She lost her own mother at the young age of 2. Due to family obligations, she left school after 3rd grade to care for her father and other siblings. My parents migrated to NYC where she taught herself English and as an to read! Her hardships did not take away her sense of humor. She often told stories and jokes that would make us laugh until we fell over! She ruled her household with an iron fist, not letting weakness keep us from reaching her own or our goals in life. Her belief in the Catholic faith put me and some of my other siblings through Catholic school, which my parents had to pay for. She worked days while my father worked at night in a factory to make ends meet and to divide houshold responsibilities and child care.
The strength she had in her faith endured the many hurdles they faced raising a large family and continuing in their marriage for over 70 years!
She was a great cook, a go-getter and a respected person in her community.
I love you, mom. You will always be in my heart!

Ernesto Gonzalez said...

With a broken heart I write about a Legend.
Maria Gonzalez Roldan.Who just left to serve
Our Loving God.I have very fond memories of the Family. We were a very close knit family.
I at a later time in my life was told I was not her biological son for she was my father sister.
I was assured all is the same.If you know the saying.Its not who gave birth to you its who brought you up who dried your tears when you would fall who fed you etc etc.Mom an Pop.
Were my world she had a fierce work ethic.
In those days there were no short cuts baby
food Pampers what's that.The old washboard
The upgrade was that bucket thing with rollers
to squeeze the excess water out.Weekends were filled with travel with Pops in the station
wagon driving us out to the countryside or beach.I don't know how she kept track of us all
I always thought she had eyes on the back of her head. There was so so many stories I could go on.When I left her my father remarried I had to leave an she reassured me
there will always be a place with her. There was a visit like every weekend either me taking
a bus to her house or getting together to visit
her brothers or sisters.She out lived them all she even mothered my pops was her brother.
Well her family of siblings are all together
Waiting with upon arms to embrace her once
Again. I won't say goodbye for this is not the
end this is a new beginning.We will be all together again one day.Till then I say we
Will miss you we will never forget you
Maria Gonzalez Roldan rest in Peace.

Unknown said...

Maria Roldan meant the world to me between the ages of 13 and 18. Coming from a broken home, with no rules, she gave me the structure I needed. She always opened her home to me allowing me to visit at all hours probably guessing that I would be home alone if she didn't. I lisentened and learned as she guided my best friend, her youngest, and taught her the life lessons I needed to be a successful adult. I took them all to heart and they helped shape me into the kind, confident, hard-working, strong woman I am today...just like she will always be in my memories. Maria, may God grant you the peace you have earned. Love you, Lolly

Julie said...

Mrs. Roldan was born in the 1920!s. She was part of a generation of women of vision, strong family values and uncompromising wit. Her presence was felt when she was around and her expressive and loving eyes let you know she was a force to be reckoned. Always graceful, always kind and always determined to do the right things for her family, her extended family and her community. Doña Roldan similar to my mother were my role models: strong, loving, kind women with impeccable work ethics, who migrated to New York, but never forgot their roots in Puerto Rico and always proud of our culture. May you Rest In Peace beautiful soul. You will never be forgotten. ����������❤️

Unknown said...

S.I.P Ms Roldan I didn't get the honor to meet you but by all the comments I can see you was a magnificent woman. I know your granddaughter and I can tell you was loved. May you Rest In Peace and continue to watch over all your loved ones.

Annette Roldan Sanabria said...

I never went hungry or left alone when I needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. She gave her love and values to her family who saw her hard work and Laughter filled the house as well as her advice still lingers in my ears ... grandma you will be sorely missed - no matter how hard things got you still kept going no matter what!! Thank you for loving me more than I loved myself sometimes. You were always be a hero to me growing up and I always prayed to make you proud. God knows I learned some of my toughest lessons with you, but I never could of asked for a more loving woman to watch over me my whole life 💜💝👼🏼 I know you will be looking over us all and smiling down through the heavens 💝😇👼🏼 Love you forever grandma 👵 one day I pray I will see you again in heaven ☀️✝️💯❤️💜✝️💞

Mom and Me said...

Mamita, I will miss you, your voice and advice. Death changes everything, time changes nothing. I will miss the sound of your voice, the wisdom and advice,the stories of your life and just being in your presence. So no, time changes nothing.

I miss you just as much today, as the day you died. I just miss you.

Unknown said...

Titi Mayín is very special to me, is because she lives in our hearts. I still recall how generous she was with everyone. She taught my Mom how earn money creating lovely dolls, help provide for her three girls. Her smile was incredible and when she spoke to you there was always a potent message to enlighten your life. She and Tio Cirilo are people to be admired and used as role models. I am forever grateful of their kindness and advice in a very difficult time of my life. Always and forever Titi Mayín will live in my heart and I'm so sorry I was unable to accompany the family in this difficult time. I love you all dearly.

Pedro said...

Let me start by saying that Ma always told me I was the best of the bunch until one day I figured out she was giving all of us the same line. I have told friends who have asked me about her super powers and they think I exagerate. She would exercise in front of a tv to Jack La Lane, then crochet many different birds and other animals. There were catalogs from Avon, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. The money she accumulated from selling, was used to not only manage the every day economy of the household but also to amass a multitude of homes in New York, Pensilvania, Puerto Rico, and Orlando. Mom and
Pop were a great team in caring for our needs while showing us by example that there are no limits to how much we can achieve in life. I will always love her for all the love and guidance she gave us. May she rest in Peace

Anonymous said...

I miss you, Mom. On the 3rd anniversary of your final departure I want you to know that I remember all of the good you did and tried to do for your children. May you rest in peace knowing your children are well. Dios te bendiga, Mamacita.❤️🕯❤️

Anonymous said...

💐Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom.💐 I’m sending you love and light🌺🌺🌺🌺

Anonymous said...

When the night is long and morning is come you send the suns warmth to remind me to smile again and be strong
I miss you so much grandma
Your smiles and hugs I miss most