Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Eudena McKoy

A legacy Worth More than Gold

The Eulogy of Eudine Hinds-McKoy

Eudine Hinds-McCoy embarked on her journey in mortality on Monday December 14th, 1942.  She was the first child born to parents, Albert Hinds and Urinthia Curtis, in the farming community of Orange River, St Mary. The young family was of humble circumstances and both Albert and Urinthia labored diligently to provide the necessities of life for their new born. With the passage of time, Eudine was joined by a younger brother, Lloyd. However, the family union was short lived as a result of the premature separation of her parents. The sting of these circumstances, no doubt, provided much tutelage for Eudine in her formative years relative to the realities of life. Through her interactions with both parents, close family members, and community she was schooled in matters of the heart, religion, moral agency, hard work and discipline. As Eudine grew, these life lessons concretized into a fixed determination to better her circumstances and that of her future family.

Eudine’s ambition in life was no secret to those who knew her. Like most young ladies, she desired to one day have her own family and be able to provide appropriate circumstances befitting the rearing of children. Around 1958, she met and fell in love with Milford Clarke, a farm worker from her community. She was hopeful that this union would be the means by which her dreams of rearing the ideal family would be realized. The union produced her first child, Julette Clarke. She was overjoyed about the prospect of curating her own family, but this was short lived due to unforeseen eventualities. Though not the result she was expecting, Eudine gathered courage and with a fixed determination tried again, when a certain handsome fellow in the person of Lloyd Jackson called on her. The two courted and in time their union produced five children: Denzel, Joan, Owen, Junior and Wayne. The two settled their family in a humble community in Hopewell, St Mary. As a team, Eudine and Lloyd laboured tirelessly to satisfy the demands of their family. Eudine was especially keen on reinforcing the dos and the don’ts of life to her children. She insisted that their lessons at school be taken seriously and that their obedience and respect towards authority figures be forth coming in exactness. She further insisted that her children’s behaviour abroad was an exhibition of the values taught at home. Eudine spared no chance at reinforcing the idea that the gazes of her children should not linger towards the pitfalls that befell so many young people at the time.

After a valiant fight and admirable persistence to maintain the dignity of her family, the slowly brewing and ultimately unforgiving challenges of life took its toll, and waged some crippling blows to the relationship between Lloyd and Eudine. This resulted in the two separating.  Broken hearted, sad, and a little discouraged she found solace in the company of a kind friend, Noel Lee. The two grew fond of each other and in time this relationship produced her last child, Craig Lee.

Eudine’s love for her children could not be denied. After surveying their circumstances, and the difficult prospect of supporting them in achieving the kind of education that would make a sustained difference in their lives, she determined to seek opportunities outside of her present situation and space. In 1980 she travelled to Canada to seize the means by which her carefully calculated plans for her children’s success would be realized. While in Canada she obtained a job as a house keeper. This Job provided the means for her to send the needed resources for her children and pay her tuition for a dental course she was pursuing. In time, Eudine’s longing to be with her children triumphed and she resolved to return home to be with them in 1985.

 It was indeed a joyous reunion for Eudine and her children who were all now grown and certainly past the worst. Eudine’s labour of love was not in vain and she was able to find comfort and hope in the prospect of her children realizing a brighter future.

After the grand reunion with her children, Eudine started a business where she sold clothing and grocery items. It was during this time that she met and fell in love with Neville McKoy. The two got married and became business partners where they manufactured and sold scented and pastoral candles to churches and hotels on the island. The love between Eudine and Neville was unflinching and admirable, she was his lady and the love of his life and he, the apple of her eyes. The two lived happily for many years together while they served their community as devote members of the Roman Catholic Church. During this time of relative peace, tragedy struck the family with the loss of her fifth child, Junior Jackson in 2002. It was a difficult time, however, united, the family was able to bolster through this time of trial. Subsequent to this time of grief, it would be many years before the passing of her beloved husband Neville. Though difficult, she handled the circumstances with dignity and grace.

The Latter years of Eudine’s life marked a time of quiet reflection. After her best efforts, the dust had settled and the vision which she dreamed of as a little girl was now clear for all to behold.  All her children are now professionals in their respective careers. The effects of her push have now transcended generations, with each generation achieving more and more success academically and professionally. Some of whom have served in national and international capacities.

The path to the realization of Eudine’s dreams was certainly unconventional, yet in the end they were all realized.

On Thursday, August 5th 2021, 79 years to the time of her birth, she departed mortality with a legacy that is sure to stand the test of time. She died leaving: 8 siblings, 6 children, 23 grand children, 14 Great Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews, and other relatives and friends.

She might be gone from us for a season but her influence lives in and through us. Rest in peace Mama Eudine, God be with you till we meet again.      

Visitation will be held from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 at Dobbs Funeral Home in Orlando.  The funeral mass will be held at 4:00 pm with Deacon Armand officiating.  A second service will be held on August 27, 2021 also at the funeral home.  The time will be posted at a later date.      

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